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About Us


This Is Our Life’s Encore – And We’re Ready for the Performance!


Our Voice, Our Platform

Journey of the Inspired Woman celebrates women 50 and UP by providing a platform and an interactive community where we can share and learn together. We’re on a mission to show society that we are not on a downward slide. Not even close.

On the contrary, we’re more vibrant than we were 20 years ago, thanks to the knowledge and experience we’ve gleaned from 50 or more years of living with passion and purpose. Now we’re basking in the culmination of wisdom…and we’re ready to share our lessons learned for the benefit of all.

Yes, we have loved, lost, and persevered under some of the worst circumstances imaginable. But rather than defeating us, these experiences have energized us. During this amazing time in our lives, we’re even more motivated to stretch beyond our limits, serve others, create new businesses and discover hidden talents…while having a rockin’ good time!

This is our life’s encore and we are ready for the performance.
So, what is our purpose at Journey of the Inspired Woman.
  •  Inspire women with the knowledge that we’re stronger and more vibrant than ever
  •  Shatter societal stereotypes about women over 50
  •  Create a community in which women learn from each other
  •  Listen to your feedback pertaining to topics you want to discuss
  •  Broadcast live interviews with inspiring women and invite you to join in the conversation (sometimes live)
Does this appeal to you? Would you like to grow along with Journey of the Inspired Woman?

If your answer is yes, join below to become a part of this community of empowered women. We are confident that there is nothing else like it anywhere for women 50 and up – and we promise it will evolve according to the desires of the women who choose to participate.

We’ve come a long way baby and we’re not stopping now!

Live…Love….Laugh With Us!

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